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Don’t let your black, flat screen TV detract from the interior design of your room.  Bring functionality and beauty to your room with a single, seamless design.   Long Island Mantel has emerged as leader in the industry through years of experience, innovation and a long list of satisfied clients. Mastering the combination of interior design with modern technology, we are pleased to introduce this advancement in technology and design. Our experts know the importance of an aesthetically pleasing room— a room that everyone can enjoy.  We at Long Island Mantel have created a way for you to enjoy your entertainment living space while viewing your favorite programs. With just the click of a button you can conceal your flatscreen television with a gorgeous work of art— framed to perfection. The choice of art is yours…a favorite portrait, photograph or the work of a grand master.   At Long Island Mantel we use the finest materials, and our craftsmanship is stellar. Ease-of-use was the goal throughout our design process and we have streamlimed our product to enable quick and easy installation. Operating the screen is simple. Your friends will be amazed at the elegance and ingenuity of the screen… but only you will know just how easy and affordable it was to add this gorgeous enhancement to your home.   Call today for a price quote.
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Turn your stark, flat screen TV into a gorgeous work of art! Let the experts at Long Island Mantel & Millwork™ transform your wall-mounted, flat screen television into a masterpiece that both brightens and compliments the style of your room. Choose from a vast selection of art and frames to match any décor.